It’s time to make your VOTE count in New York State!

In this troubling political climate it’s easy to feel powerless. If you live in solidly blue New York City, even the act of voting can feel futile. 

But here’s some good news. You can make your vote matter.

If you have a second home in New York State you can choose to vote at either your primary residence or at your second home. By registering to vote at your second home address, which is probably in a purple or red district, you’ll have a real voice in local, state and Congressional elections, something that you don’t have as part of the majority in a deep blue district.

Voting in key Congressional districts like NY 19 (Hudson Valley and Catskills) and NY 1 (North and South Forks of Long Island) is especially important. The 2018 races in these swing districts will be among the most hotly contested in the country and are crucial to efforts to turn the rest of New York — and Congress — blue.

Registering to vote at your second home is not only legal, it's easy! To get started, HOW TO section. If you need help, fill out the form to the right.

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